Boeing's Presence in the Middle East

Boeing's Presence in the Middle East

Boeing 777-300 ER
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Since 1945, when President Roosevelt presented a DC-3 Dakota to King Abdulaziz Al Saud, Boeing has supported the Kingdom’s phenomenal growth in commercial aviation, defense and technology.

Rendering of boats in bay in UAE
United Arab Emirates

As a company with a global footprint, Boeing sees growing aspirations for increased skills and technology development around the world, and the United Arab Emirates is no different.

Kuwait Airways 777-300ER

For almost 50 years, Boeing has partnered with Kuwait, providing aircraft to meet both the commercial and the military needs of the country.

Artist's rendering of Qatar.

Since 1977, Boeing has been proud to play a role in the development of Qatar’s aerospace sector and looks forward to continuing this association into the future.