Boeing Global Engagement

Boeing Global Engagement connects Boeing to community engagement through a portfolio of charitable and business investments and support. Boeing works with nonprofit partners to address Qatar’s community needs.

Every year starting in 2009, Boeing has partnered with Injaz Qatar to address the softskills gap faced by many Arab youth. For the last four years, Boeing has been investing in the Start-Up program, which helps prepare students with great business ideas to become entrepreneurs. In 2016, Boeing sponsored the ninth annual Injaz Qatar Company Programme, a competition in which Qatari youth set up, develop and run their own businesses with the help of mentors.

Boeing sponsored a program called Early Start in 2010 designed to assist parents, teachers and caregivers in becoming proficient teachers and innovators in young children’s lives to maximize the children’s potential and development before formal education begins.

In 2012, Boeing launched a teacher-training course through the Arab Youth Venture Foundation to help 75 Qatari teachers make math and science fun using a curriculum from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

From 2013 to 2015, Boeing partnered with Silatech, a Qatari-based foundation that is helping to create jobs in the Arab world, addressing the employability needs in Iraq. In May 2015, a group of teachers chosen by the Qatar Supreme Education Council was trained by staff from the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Wash., on lessons to take back to the classroom about the science of aviation — from the principles of flight to the properties of air. Teachers then had the opportunity to build a variety of flying machines to test out these principles.

The initiative on the science behind aviation was one aspect of a week-long series of educational events organized by Boeing and the Museum of Flight. Museum staff also hosted aviation-themed activities and hands-on demonstrations for students at both the Qatar Scientific Club and Qatar Academy. A large group of Qatari students participated in several programs: an airplane design course exploring the aerodynamics of wing design, a Suited for Space challenge to build and test small space suits to protect objects in a vacuum chamber, and the Robot Garage program to learn the basic engineering concepts behind robotics.