Boeing Global Engagement

Boeing Global Engagement connects Boeing to community engagement through a portfolio of charitable and business investments and support.

Education is an important focus area for Boeing, and the company partners with community organizations around the globe to provide high-quality programs and opportunities for children, their families and education professionals. Education in the Middle East is an area of significant importance for Boeing, so the company seeks to support education in various forms, be it working with and mentoring young entrepreneurs or training the caregivers of the differently abled.

In 2010 and 2011, Boeing supported the Start Early program by Action Care. The program, aimed at caregivers of small children, including those with special needs, provides new methodologies and training to assist parents, teachers and caregivers on how to maximize a child’s potential and development before the years of formal education begin.

In 2012, Boeing brought the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Teacher Training by Arab Youth Venture Foundation program to Kuwait. As part of the program, a NASA educator was flown out to train teachers on how to make math and science more engaging and interesting to students. The program lasted for two days and featured projects, contests and activities using NASA content that can easily be applied in classrooms.

In 2013, Boeing supported INJAZ in creating Start Up, an entrepreneurship program to help students with viable business ideas get the guidance and seed money they need to create start-up businesses. The pilot program in Egypt was so successful that the program was rolled out to in Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Oman and Qatar.

In December 2016, Boeing and INJAZ Al-Arab announced that their Start Up program has supported the establishment of 60 businesses by Arab youth across the Middle East, including 23 in 2016 alone.

In 2022, Boeing launched the career empowerment program, in collaboration with Amideast Kuwait and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET). The program focuses on providing Kuwaitis with the training necessary to positively impact their local communities. Boeing also collaborated with Amideast Kuwait to launch the STEM for Kids Program to provide young learners in Kuwait with fun, engaging science workshops.